Never Tried It, But Legalize Weed Already!


I have never smoked weed in my life, nor do I plan to start if it actually is legalized, but even I can logistically see that it is stupid for marijuana to be illegal, especially while cigarettes and alcohol are legal.  Let’s start by looking at a few facts, I’ll go with comparison to alcohol instead of cigarettes.

There are over 37,000 deaths each year involving alcohol, while none are reported due to marijuana use. (The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention doesn’t even have a category for deaths by marijuana).  There are hundreds of these deaths that are caused by overdose, while marijuana overdose seems to be implausible (If you could die from marijuana overdose, I probably would have been to a lot of my friend’s funerals… some smoke, A LOT.  Also, it is also more likely to overdose on alcohol than cocaine, but I’m not going to say cocaine should be legalized).  Alcohol causes 8-times more health damage than marijuana according to a British Health study including cancer, weight gain, etc.  Alcohol is known to cause brain damage, while a convincing amount of studies have shown that marijuana causes no brain damage.  In fact, in studies where people drink alcohol and smoke marijuana, there is actually less brain damage than just when people drink.  Alcohol has also been found to be more addictive than marijuana. (I don’t think marijuana is actually addictive at all, people just continue to do it because they enjoy it, just as they would other activities that they enjoy).


Alcohol has been linked to WAY more violent crimes, domestic abuse, and sexual assault.  Some statistics of these crimes do not even exist as attributed to marijuana use because it is so rare. I also find this quote pretty amazing, “A new study, published in Journal of the American Medical Association, tested the lung function of over 5,000 young adults between 18 and 30. After 20 years of testing, researchers found some buzzworthy results: regular marijuana smokers (defined by up to a joint a day for seven years) had no discernible impairment in lung activity from non-smokers.”

Marijuana is also a lot better on your bank account as the average user spends $20 on marijuana while the alcohol user will spend $165 over the course of a year.  But that is not the only financial benefit of marijuana over alcohol.  Here is the main reason I feel marijuana should be legalized.  WE CAN TAX THE SHIT OUT OF IT.  Look at how much money our government makes from alcohol (about $8 billion annually) and cigarette (about $44 billion annually) taxation, and think how much more this could be if we could apply it to marijuana.  Not only could our government make BILLIONS more money, we could also save law enforcement agencies money by taking away focus on marijuana.

There are also beliefs of why we should not legalize this drug, many due to the governmental scare tactics for whatever reason, but in the opinion of this blogger, the benefits outweigh the risks.  So coming from a non-smoker, legalize that ish already!  And finally, just because it’s funny, a pic of “The Governator” as a young man smoking. Yes, his shirt says “Arnold is Numero Uno”.Casual-Toker


Athletes & Their Disregard For The Law

It is almost sickening to see the almost pure disregard that professional athletes seem to have for the law.  Since 2000, there have been over 660 arrests of NFL players alone, and this doesn’t include minor offenses.  While there have been plenty of arrests in other professional sports as well, it seems as if the NFL is always the forerunner in player arrests.


This has come into media attention a lot more with the recent murder charges against former Patriots tight end, Aaron Hernandez.  This is just something that absolutely baffles me.  He was one of the best TE’s in the NFL, and signed a five-year deal last year for $37.5 MILLION!!! What in the world is going through your head when you are going to make that kind of money, but instead you decide it appropriate to kill someone, or at least to be involved in this murder?  Is it the petty society that these guys are raised in that teaches them that murder is acceptable if someone disrespects you?  I can’t even fathom what would prompt anyone to commit murder, let alone someone making this kind of money.

While this is an extreme case, unfortunately there are hundreds of others cases involving DUI, assault, domestic violence, drug crimes, weapons, etc.  (This website provides a cool interactive graph of a lot of these crimes:  This current NFL offseason, there have been over 31 arrests.  Considering the average NFL career is only 3.5 years, why would any of these people risk losing millions when they have such a short time frame to make this kind of money?  I believe simply that it is a direct correlation to their upbringing, or lack thereof, and behaviors that they deem acceptable in their culture.  The graph below shows the crimes being committed per 1000 NFL players compared to 1000 Americans.


This graph can be a bit misleading, as NFL players are all adult men, so this graph below might be a little more accurate.



Another problem with these graphs is that is does not take into account salary.  If there was a way to get this graph of people making over $300k per year, I would be willing to bet that the NFL is hundreds of times higher than the average population. Another troubling piece of information is that there are becoming more and more cases of this in college sports.  What do we do about this?  My answer, kick them off the team.  In 2010, then Oregon running back LaMichael James was arrested for beating and strangling an ex-girlfriend and was suspended one game.  This is unacceptable.

So how can we fix this?  There is no simple solution.  Some have recommended a salary bonus for years “incident free”.  The problem with this is that YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO COMMITE CRIMES!  This is rewarding people for what they are supposed to do or not do as a member of society.  Can I get a bonus for breathing every day or for stopping at stop signs?  The reality is that the NFL needs to impose some sort of system to discipline the teams whose players are getting arrested.  They could impose salary-cap hits or draft impacts.  They need to stop penalizing teams for releasing players due to arrests (The Patriots will be taking a salary-cap hit because of releasing Hernandez after alleged murder charges).  They need to suspend players for arrests for longer than a game, and they need to ban players from the league with multiple offenses.  These types of regulations would make teams consider background checks and personality profiles more than just their ability in drafting players to avoid such issues.  If I was the CEO of a company and got arrested for DUI manslaughter, I doubt I would keep my job, or get another one of the same magnitude, it is time we hold athlete’s just as responsible as the rest of society.

Get A Life, America!


Are the majority of people’s lives so boring that they have to attempt to live through celebrities and reality TV?  Apparently so!  It is absurd to me the amount of time people spend reading about, “following”, or obsessing about celebrities.  It is equally as absurd how much interest they take on reality TV shows of people without a single redeeming quality, such as Jersey Shore or Honey Boo Boo.

First, why do we feel it necessary to become so infatuated with what celebrities do?  Who cares what “The Royal Baby’s” name is? Unfortunately, too many people do.  Twitter basically rose to fame because people wanted to follow celebrities to see what they had to say.  I can guarantee you that there are extremely few, if any, celebrities who have something so important to say, that I will read every time they eat a bowl of cereal or take a crap.  But American’s are stupid, as the rest of the world already seems to know, and waste countless hours trying to figure out what every celebrity is up to.  Some people spend most of their time trying to learn everything they can about someone they will never meet, never know, or even talk to.  You mean to tell me there isn’t something better to do?  I guess it is just something I will never understand.  Go educate yourself further, exercise, learn a new hobby, take your kids to a park, or do one of a million other things that would be more beneficial to yourself or society instead of obsessing over celebrities.  Newsflash, they are people like you and I, they just can act, sing, etc better.

Now on to reality TV.  Dear America, stop letting F***ing morons get rich because of their stupidity. The “stars” of Jersey Shore, are talentless, brainless, ass-clowns and they are now rich because they got drunk and got in fights on MTV.  This is something 90% of college students can do, yet these ass-bags were lucky enough to get chosen by MTV and are now pretty dang wealthy FOR NOTHING.  Another talentless and useless example of people getting money for no reason is Honey Boo Boo.  C:MediaFactoryLogisticsDevrequest_dropbox36998#TLCFamily on Porch.jpgThis family is fat, disgusting, uneducated, and many other things, yet we seem to be fascinated with their stupidity, so they make tons of money because they draw ratings.  Again, watch the History, Discovery, or Science channel and increase your knowledge or do something other than watching TV if you are going to waste your time on people like this.  It is sickening that people like this have all of this money, simply because they are morons.  Because of this stupid craze, almost anyone can become a reality star.  Kim Kardashian, who became famous from a sex-tape, now has a show for her whole family, because they are stupid.  Now they are all very wealthy and have no redeeming qualities.  Teen girls were getting pregnant ON PURPOSE so that they could try and get onto the show Teen Mom.  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!

This country has its priorities way out of whack, and it is truly sickening to me. Instead of obsessing over someone or watching morons on TV, do something that provides value to yourself or the world.

Title IX Kills Men’s Sports

If you are a woman athlete, or maybe even just a woman, reading this, I promise this post is not my attempt to offend you.  That being said, it might. I keep seeing all of these commercials on ESPN for their new mini series Nine on IX.  It is a play on their other series 30 for 30, but these nine are all about women because of Title IX.  If you are unaware of what Title IX is, it is basically equality for men and women in sports.  Equal opportunities need to be presented to men and women in collegiate sports, meaning equal number of scholarships and equal number of opportunities for men and women proportionate to the college enrollment.

Title IX, while good in theory and loved in this world of political correctness, is a killer for less popular men’s sports.  Men’s sports that do not generate revenue for the school such as wrestling, gymnastics, tennis, and many others are getting cut more and more often so that there can be equal amounts of women’s sports and scholarships.  This happens predominantly at schools without big budgets, but it is still hurting men’s chances of playing the sport at a collegiate level.  While I agree that women should have the equal number of opportunities, the thing that really bothers me is the fact that they are allotted an equal number of scholarships.  The bottom line is that men’s sports make money while women’s sports cost Universities money. Now I am not saying all men’s sports make money and all women’s sports cost money. However, I’d be willing to bet that if you look at the financials between the UConn women’s basketball team (who has been in the top 5 for what seems like forever) and the 90th ranked football team, I bet that football team makes a heck of a lot more money.

Screen shot 2013-07-27 at 11.48.03 AMAnother thing that is stupid is how the NCAA allocates the scholarships, colleges have no control over how many they can give to a particular sport.  For instance, men’s baseball teams are given 11.7 scholarships to allocate over their team at any percentage per player.  Men’s basketball teams are given 12.  If a school has a predominately good basketball team and a poor baseball team, why couldn’t that college make the decision to have 14 basketball and 9.7 baseball, or vice versa?  (Side note: I was a walk-on for a Top 10 Division I men’s basketball team, if they were allowed to give scholarships to all 15 players on a basketball team, that means I would not have been a part of that team as they would have recruited someone better than me, yet I still think they should be able to).

The main problem is there is no real way to fix things, especially without riots of women.  Some people argue that football should be taken out of the equation since women do not play football.  I tend to agree with that, then all other men’s and women’s sports could be equal, even though the women’s sports, on average, make NO MONEY.  Women’s sports, and most men’s sports, at the college level are funded my men’s football first, and men’s basketball second.  So with that being said, maybe men’s basketball should not be included in the count either, and all sports that make money are excluded from the Title IX counts, and all other can divide up the profits equally.  Even if those were done equally, how many of you would rather watch a Division I women’s basketball game over a Division III men’s basketball game?  I know I wouldn’t, and that is how most people feel, which is why the men’s sports bring in the money.  Heck, this past year, until the Final Four, women’s basketball had lower ratings than the Men’s NIT.  The women’s NCAA Finals had a rating of 2.0; a rating that gets most primetime shows cancelled (compared to men’s 14.0 or 20 million more viewers).

I just feel that it is stupid to cut men’s sports and give them fewer opportunities with the sole purpose of giving women opportunities.  One sex should not gain at the other’s expense.  I know of some girls who never started a game in their life and got full-scholarships to play field hockey in college, simply because the colleges can offer so many scholarships for women, again for a sport that makes no money. While I do believe women should have opportunities, it should not come at the expense of opportunities for men, especially when the women did nothing to deserve it (meaning they don’t make money, don’t get ratings, etc).  It is an imperfect system with no real way to solve it, so for now it will most likely, remain imperfect.


Downfall of College Basketball

Let’s face it, college basketball is nowhere near what it used to be. A major reason for this is players who leave school early to pursue the NBA.  While there are some elite players that should leave early, as they are ready for the NBA, many leave school early HOPING to get picked up by a team and make some money.  This is not only selfish, but it is often a stupid decision.


This past year, 34 players left school early, and half of them went undrafted.  Out of these undrafted players, some might make NBA teams, but most will go play overseas and never have a chance at making the NBA again.  One reason for this (which bothers me beyond belief) is that these kids tend to think they are a lot better than they actually are.  This has begun to plague my alma mater, the University of Pittsburgh.  Steven Adams, who was a freshman last season, declared early for the NBA draft.  He was a first round draft pick, but anyone can see he is not NBA ready.  He has the size (7 feet tall), and the NBA body frame.  What he lacks is offensive skill and footwork.  He was drafted only based on his size and hope that he has the potential to develop.  I could list tons of players who have been drafted under this hope, and never developed into anything.  While Adams was drafted, if he stayed in school and developed for another year or two, he could have entered the NBA as a top 5 draft pick, and made a lot more money.

While Adams was at least drafted, and will most likely have a long NBA career, what will become of the 17 players who left early and went undrafted?  Well, some of them will sign with teams, but most of them will be forced to play overseas, and never amount to much.  Even some of those who were drafted, will eventually leave the NBA and go overseas to play.  The biggest disappointment is the kids who leave early, go overseas, and don’t succeed there either.  Now they have no college degree, and no skills to apply to any other aspect of the real world.  (On a quick side note, most of these kids don’t take school seriously anyways and only make sure they stay above the absurdly low 1.8-2.0 GPA required to stay eligible.  Academics doesn’t matter in college basketball because it doesn’t make millions, but I could rant on that for days)

Another theme recently in college basketball is players transferring schools after limited success at one school.  They may not have liked the coach or the system, but mainly it goes back to the fact that these kids think they are better than they actually are.  Back to my alma mater of Pittsburgh, they have had ridiculous amounts of success in the past 15 years by signing freshmen, developing them for a few years, and then inserting them into the starting line-up after they are developed.  The past few years, these kids who are not ready to play at an elite level, sit on the bench so that they can be developed, but instead of working hard (another quality that seems to be lost in this generation), they would rather transfer somewhere else where they can play right away.  These kids mainly end up at a worse school, still don’t do much, and waste everyone’s times.

130201143508-mike-rosario-florida-story-bodyThere are exceptions to this (Mike Rosario left Rutgers as the star of a decent team and became a contributing member to Florida’s team), but mainly, you don’t hear much of these kids after they transfer.

So what could college basketball be? For one, schools like Kentucky, who get these elite recruits year in and year out knowing that they can play one year and leave, continue to have good teams while some others suffer.  If these kids were to stay at least for a few years, if not all four, the talent would then be distributed throughout the rest of college basketball, making teams more even, and games more exciting.  Unfortunately, unless the NCAA implements a rule similar to college football, where the players a forced to play for a few years, I don’t see this happening.  Charles Barkley said it best when he said,

“They want to rush the process, you learn to be a better basketball player in college. You learn how to play the game. You grow physically and mentally as a person. Quit trying to rush the process.”

What would I love to see happen?  I want kids to come back to reality and realize they aren’t that good when they aren’t.  I want hard work and dedication to come back to the game instead of finding the path of least resistance.  I want players to stay in school longer so that the game I love can come back to what it once was.  If you’re interested in a more in-depth analysis, I found this senior thesis on the topic quite interesting:

Winning & Losing is a Part of Life!

So why are more and more children’s sports leagues insisting that a no-scorekeeping policy is the best option?  While there are many examples of today’s children becoming increasingly coddled, this is one that really bothers me.

On a quick side-note, the other example that bothers the hell out of me is school systems and their “no-failing” policies or “no-zero” policies.  One educator was actually fired for giving students zeros on assignments that they didn’t turn in because the school had a “no-zero” policy.  This is the reason why our school systems have fifth graders at a first grade reading level because failing that student would be way too ghastly and may have negative implications.  So instead teachers are instructed to pass these dumb children on to continue failing at the next level until they are old enough to take the hard earned money of others as free government handouts.


Now back to children, why is keeping score so detrimental to these kids?  The short answer, it’s not.  I’ll tell you one thing, if my kid ever plays in a league that doesn’t keep score, I’ll look like that guy to the right with a portable scoreboard that I will bring to the games. Parents nowadays are just so concerned with little Billy never feeling an ounce of pain or anguish that they would rather coddle the hell out of him than to have him learn important life lessons.  Sports have taught me many things in life.  They have taught me teamwork and they have taught me how hard work and dedication can really pay off.  However, two of the most important things I learned from sports, which still carry on to my life today, are how to win, AND LOSE, gracefully.  I am not trying to imply that winning and losing is everything, but it is important to know how to win and to know how to lose.  You don’t go into the office after getting that big promotion and scream that you’re better than your counterparts, and then if you don’t get that promotion you don’t mope around and act like there was foul-play or that you really deserved it, etc.

A “no-scorekeeping” policy, in my opinion, also implies that there is some sort of negativity in having a winner and a loser.  People may say that with winners and losers so clearly defined, that children may be turned off by the sport because they don’t like losing. Or that coaches may only play the good players and bench the weaker ones so that they can win.  If this is the case, the coach is the problem, not the scorekeeping.  If those crazy parents and “all-about-winning” coaches would just let the children play, this would not be an issue.  Also, if you think for one second that the kids playing in these games don’t know the score, you’re tremendously mistaken.  These kids know who scored the most goals or who had the most hits, and they also know who whiffed every time he swung.  When you keep score, you teach these kids not only how to win or lose, but it can also show them how to work together as a team (a concept that is found everywhere in the workplace) and that playing selfishly is counterproductive.  With no score the same kid can shoot every time because it won’t affect the outcome and he will still get his crappy little participation trophy.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are leagues that score should not be kept and it is mainly younger ages.  This is when you go to the soccer games and you see a bunch of little kids in a crowd then the ball squirts out and then everyone runs to the ball and there is another little crowd, then the ball squirts out again and the fastest kid goes and gets to shoot.  These leagues should be about fun and developing skills.  But not these leagues with kids who are almost teenagers and aren’t keeping score.  Even the author of books against competition in children says, “Go ahead and play tennis, but don’t try to make the other person lose, that’s garbage. That’s self-delusional. If you’re not trying to make the other person lose, it’s not tennis.”

Again, I do not believe that these children’s sports should be all about winning and losing.  I agree that every child should get an opportunity to play and have fun.  However, at the end of the day, there needs to be a winner and a loser.  Not every kid deserves a trophy.  They have to be taught that not everyone wins, that there are losers as well.  They need to learn how it feels to lose so that they can develop the fire and motivation to do what it takes to succeed.  They need to be able to take ownership in losing, and be taught that losing a game doesn’t mean failure, it’s just one outcome. So parents, stop coddling your children, there are winners and losers and they will become better and stronger for it.  We are turning our children into giant wusses little by little and it needs to stop.  I would rather teach children these important life lessons in controlled environments, rather than them learn on their own, somehow.

NFFL… National Flag Football League?

Flag_Football(1)The NFL is turning into a pansy sport, bottom line.  While it most likely will not turn into Flag Football (I hope), it is getting closer and closer to two-hand-touch.  For an avid fan such as myself, it is becoming disheartening and the future of this great sport is becoming bleak. This is mainly because of people like Commissioner Goodell, who is a monumental douche, who never played, or barely played the sport in their lives.  The number of rule changes continues to increase each year, with some good changes to the game, but with many that take away from it.

Let’s first take a look at some of the good rule changes over the years.  Change is imminent and often necessary.  If the rules of football never changed from the beginning, field goals would be worth more points than a touchdown.  Yes, touchdowns were only worth four points and field goals were worth five until the early 1900’s.  If not for this change, soccer players would be the biggest stars of this game.  There was also a time, early 1900’s again, when a forward pass was not allowed at all, so the QB was basically just there to hand the ball off and was obsolete.  Fortunately, you don’t have to go that far back into time to notice some other good changes.  The rule change eliminating horse collar tackles was one “player safety” rule that does not take anything away from the game, and protects players.  Because of these two facts, this rule change has not been a hot issue for anyone.  This year they FINALLY realized that the “Tuck-rule” (read, Tom Brady rule) was a heaping pile of crap and finally removed it from the rulebooks.  For those of you who do not know, this rule is the reason the Patriots were able to win their first Super Bowl because when Tom Brady was going to pass, he pump-faked, and while bringing the ball back into his mid-section was hit by a Raiders defender, causing him to fumble.  This was ruled an incomplete pass, and under the old rules, this was the correct call.  This is no more, the NFL will now consider it a fumble if the QB loses control of the ball if he tries to “tuck” the ball. Another rule change over the past few years that is great for the game is the rule against helmet-to-helmet hits (although it needs to be altered, but more on that later).

Now back to the bullsh*t that is currently happening in this phenomenal game.  First, this year they will now allow for illegally challenged plays to be reviewed.  This means if a Coach throws out the challenge flag when it is ILLEGAL to do so, the play will still be reviewed!  So basically, don’t worry about paying attention to what you can and can’t do coaches, because you won’t be penalized.  Also new this year is one of the most controversial rule changes in the history of the game, called the “Crown rule”.  This rule states that no player can lead with the crown of his helmet, or lower his helmet outside of the tackle box.  Many players have voiced their opinions of this rule, with very few in favor of it.  Running Backs are taught to run low, and as Marshall Faulk states, “You run with your chin up, you are going to get hurt, you are going to get knocked out”.  This rule is telling ball carriers to forget everything you have ever learned, ignore your instincts, and run with your head up and get clocked.  The main problem with this rule is the instinct factor.  When you are about to get hit, you get low and protect yourself.  I understand the rule is to stop people from using the helmet as a weapon, but how is this judged?  As the rule currently stands, the referee has to “determine the intent of the runner”.  So basically, in an extremely fast-paced sequence, an official has to try and guess whether or not the ball carrier or the defensive player is trying to use his helmet as a weapon.  This is a near impossible judgment to make, and I guarantee will cause much discussion on blown calls this year.

Now there have been some other stupid changes over the past few years regarding player safety.  While I stated earlier that it is great to prohibit head to head hits, there has to be some common sense thrown into the occasion.  Being a die-hard Steelers fan, I have been able to witness many fines levied for dim-witted reasons.   While you should not be allowed to aim for the helmet with your helmet or shoulder, sometimes it is physically impossible to avoid.  When a defender running at full speed lowers his shoulder pads to hit a ball carrier, please explain to me how he is to turn away in one split second when the ball carrier lowers his head or ducks at the last second.  I would love to see the guys at Sport’s Science who run all of those little segments for ESPN, see how possible this is.   nflThis is what happened a few years ago when James Harrison got fined for his hit on Cleveland Browns Mohamed Massaquoi.  Massaquoi saw D-Bo coming to smack him, and whilst ducking like a little girl, it was impossible for Harrison to stop his momentum and miss his head.  It seems that every time you see a hit that gets you out of your seat and gets you screaming, the ref throws a flag.  This may not always be because there was an actual penalty, but they seem so scared that they missed something, that every hard hit draws a flag.

There is also the rule on defenseless players. I am not going to give this much time, because if you step onto a football field, you shouldn’t be defenseless.  You have obviously played this sport before, understand the intentions of the game, and know what is coming.  There is no such thing as defenseless.  If you don’t have the guts to run a slant across the middle, don’t be a WR.  If you’re a WR, and run that route, you better be ready to get crushed at least once in your career.

I could go on about that rule for days, but in the interest of time, let’s move on to quarterback protection.  Quarterbacks are being treated as if they are Mr. Glass from the movie Unbreakable.  You are no longer allowed to hit the quarterback high and you cannot hit him low. 31097676 If you fall or are knocked to the ground, instead of finding any way possible to get to the QB, such as roll or crawl, you have to get up on your feet and begin pursuing him again (Another Tom Brady rule… pansy).  Goodell’s next approach will most likely be to dress them up in sparkly pink tutus so that no one mistakenly breathes on them too hard.  For God’s sake this is football, and though unbeknownst to Goodell, QBs are football players.

Many players are against all of these changes, think the game is becoming too soft, and don’t hesitate to speak out, such as Lamaar Woodley stating, “Man, I think it’s so stupid.  I mean, it’s football.  I mean, that’s what you signed up for.  You signed up, when you play football you knew it was going to be an aggressive game.  There’s a chance of you getting hurt and having serious injuries.  So that’s what you signed up for. So I think having all the fines and penalties is stupid because it is taking away from the game.  We knew what we were signing up for when we started playing football.  We knew that.  Everybody knows that.  Every quarterback knows that.  Roger Goodell knew that.”  There are multiple players who have stated something along the lines of “I would rather be hit high than risk a knee injury with someone going low”.  It seems to be a no-win situation.  An anonymous player said, “It’s almost like if I don’t hit them in the belly button I am going to get flagged and fined”

I don’t know about you, but I miss the days when football was about knocking the other player out of the stadium and making him regret coming to work that day.  I miss the days when QBs would have nightmares about players like LT and Jack Lambert.  Those players were MEN, not these glorified prima donnas that think they are tough.  In the old days, a bus could hit one of those linebackers and he would jump up and make sure that no one on the bus was hurt.  In honor of those warriors, take a second to watch the video below to remember how great of a game this once was.